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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  April 13, 2017 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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>> yes. >> that is right. >> nothing pouring down but sunshine on my side of the desk. at least right now. we have quiet weather yet again today. it is cooler. that is big difference from one day to the next. last few days incredibly mild. today still really nice but just a dose of reality. >> yes. >> we will start off and get you outside on storm scan all calm, clear, no less, that is one thing that your temperatures will drop off more readily. big trigger, however with the cooler air suspect today is fact we had a cold front yesterday which let's face it was not that impressive. brought a couple showers throughout midday and then was out of here and many didn't see a drop of rain. we didn't at my house. afternoon was gorgeous for most of us. but with that said it is cooler behind the front. we did finish up with a cool front, and still off to a relatively mild start, bay comparison, yesterday it is certainly cooler. your actual air temperature back in the 30's again.
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this morning,es explosion in the northern suburbs you will want to walk out with the jacket. i say every where, extra layer , smart idea, pushing the 40's in philadelphia we will bottom out there early this morning before the sun comes up but once it does, even though it is some what slow to warm up, we will do that and we will end up with the mid 60 's. 66 degrees. that is a lot closer to where we should be. normal high is 63 degrees on this day. we are closer to average but still technically above what is average for this day, and expect to see sunshine, a couple cloud too but this is nice spring weather. big difference just the fact that it is cooler by comparison. >> absolutely, hey when we're in spring dealing with the 60 's and above i don't think anyone can complain. good morning. thanks, katie. looking outside, in the westbound direction toward center city, very light levels here. just feast your eyes on this because we will talk about a lot of construction, coming up we will intermittently throw
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in beautiful pictures for you. we have construction route one southbound, all lanes were blocked and they reopened, one lane and then now it is all clear. construction crews have moved away at oxford valley. that will lighten the load pushing toward into deeper in the 5:00 o'clock hour and starts to get busy. a vehicle went in the house, east oak lane north broad street cheltenham avenue trang do will be there with more information for you live on the scene coming up in a little bit. we have construction in new jersey, 42 southbound between the 25 and creek road that right lane is block but that is not all, not enclose, pennsylvania turnpike westbound ramp to northeast extension head up construction out there, pennsylvania turnpike near valley forge one lane is block each direction there. then we are still talking about pennsylvania turnpike westbound before bensalem, right lane is block there and northeast extension, for those taking the northeast extension , it has been busy with construction crews out there, today found it will be in difference. left lane is blocked mid county and you guessed it more to talk about in the next 10 minutes. jim and rahel back over to you
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a delaware judge's ruling on whether three teenage girls are at fault in the death of the classmate is expected later today. seventeen year-olds are tried as juveniles in the death of the 16 year-old amy joyner francis. she died in april 2016 after a fight in the bathroom that was recorded on camera at howard high school of technology in wilmington. defense attorneys claim joyner francis had a rare heart condition that caused her death after the fight, prosecutors say that joyner francis wasn't looking for a fight and that she was attacked while trying to diffuse an argument. we told you about an elderly man who survived a terrifying home invasion, well , now these bikers have his back. >> applause. >> the man behind that door there is 88 year-old korean war veteran pete labuda. two men invaded his home at gunpoint tied him up and robbed him of thousands of dollars in his car. when the warrior watch riders and troop support group heard the news, they decided to show
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their support. >> somebody tried to rob him and steel his money and he worked hard for it. our backpacks says we got your back at home and we want to make sure this veteran is not forgotten. >> police found labuda's cadillac, hours later and arrested two men at the scene. investigators are still looking for a female suspect who help the two men. two suspects in custody have in the yet been charged. helped blow cover of the suspected identity thief in lansdale. this is suspect john vincent, authorities say that 1996, he escaped from a texas halfway house, went to a graveyard and stole identity of the baby, buried there, nathan l.a. on. his aunt, logged on to >> our son's birth certificate , death certificate came up and then after that, a marriage license came up.
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laskoski. >> if convicted he faces a minimum mandatory, federal prison sentence. and jury selection begins next week in the trial of the camden county fat's accused of killing his own son, dj creato ace accused of killing three-year eld brendan and dumping his body in the wooded area of cooper river park. prosecutors wanted jurors to travel to the exact spot where brandon's body was found and judge said that jurors can travel to that spot, site. creato remained silent in the camden county courtroom yesterday. officials will conduct an autopsy on a man died in the plane crash in western pennsylvania. this was the plane wreckage yesterday afternoon at ross airport 20 miles south of pittsburgh. investigators say 42 year-old john graham the third was doing touch and go landings in his vintage plane when he veered away from the runway into the wood. the plane burst into flames on impact, and the cause of the crash is still unknown. police in allegheny county are looking for suspect after two men are shot while sitting on a front porch. it happened here in wilkins
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berg east of pittsburgh yesterday afternoon. one of the victims ills a county probation officer, other victim lives at the home where shooting took place. police say suspect shot at the home more than 10 times from this alley way. a neighbor heard the bullets as they were being fired. >> i'm scared. i'm scared, too close for comfort. >> i mean i have my granddaughter with me and i'm always afraid even on the porch at times. >> probation officer's head was grazed by a bullet. both he and home owner are expected to survive. police don't have a motive for the shooting. they are looking for two men in their teens or early 20's. president trump is expect to officially reverse a funding rule today that was put in effect by his predecessor. washington post reporting that the president plans to sign legislation, that would erase a rule set by former president obama. it prevents states from withholding federal family planning fund from abortion providers like planned parenthood. vice-president mike pence cast tie breaking vote to push the
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legislation through. secretary of state rex tillerson says there is a low level of trust between the u.s. and russia right now and that is world's foremost nuclear powers cannot continue this type of relationship. tillerson met with russian president putin for two hours yesterday. russia veto a u.n. resolution condemning syria's weapons attack last week. students in west chester university got quite the show on their campus yesterday. >> ♪ >> weather was perfect to a outdoor concert. west chester university symphony orchestra performed with some special guests, student musicians from downingtown east henderson and rushton and avon grove high school. they played selections from films like star wars and pirates of the caribbean, as well as, the 1812 overture. well, a water main break, in the middle of the road, send water 50 feet in the air. take a look, one very small thing, crews say is to blame
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for causing this mess. surveillance video shows a man wearing no clothes, tackling two paramedics in baltimore, what the paramedics union is asking for, after, that attack. last cow
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have breaking news, a car goes crashing into a house, in east oak lane. one victim was rushed to the hospital and police are trying to piece together what happened. "eyewitness news" reporter trang do is live in east oak lane with the latest. what do you know. >> reporter: good morning rahel and jim. i will take you right over because it is a crazy sight here. this is the house that was hit by the car, you can see right into the home, and the whole corner of this house is missing. thinks right off of cheltenham avenue and what we are told is that there were two cars that were driving eastbound on cheltenham avenue when one of the cars, kind of got locked up, and then collided with another car, that send both of these cars careening over here , on to cheltenham avenue. you can see cars first hit this guardrail you can see this police tape and cruiser and they came down here, and, in a sharp turn here right into this house leaving this debris every where. now these cars have since been towed away. we are still working with police to get more information but the one person who was
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transported, it is uncareer clear whether that person was in the car or inside this facility here. we are told this is a medical building, so there wasn't a whole lot of people inside overnight but we are working to get information out here on the scene and we will bring you an update as soon as we have it. we are live, i'm trang do, cbs-3 "eyewitness news", jim and rahel, back to you. thanks, frank. this is live of the cathedral basilica of saints peter and paul at 18th and ben franklin parkway. today is holy thursday jesus and his deciples shared the last supper. there are other solemn observances including services at cathedral tonight, christian holy week continues with good friday and holy saturday, before sunday's celebration of easter. well, a passenger violently yank from the united flight may be gearing up for a major lawsuit against the airline. personal injury lawyers hired by david doa are requesting an order requiring unite todd save surveillance, cockpit recordings and all other
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documents pertaining to the incident. united says they will in long 's how police to remove passenger from their plane also, airline says travelers on the plane during the incident will have their airfare refunded. appeals court judge who made history found dead along the shore in the hudson river in man hat object. sheila salem was first african-american woman appointed to the high court. she was first female judge in the u.s. they found her body yesterday afternoon one day after being reported missing. investigators are trying to figure out the cause of her death. police in chicago have a man in custody following the death of the criminal court judge, authorities say 37 year-old josh smith intended to rob cook county judge, raymon miles. in the process they alleged that smith shot a close acquaintance of miles in the leg, and then fatally shot miles outside his home monday morning. detectives, tied to the incident, despite the fact it had two different license plates on it. >> the place. , and the concentration of cameras in and outside the judge's neighborhood was very
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instrumental for detectives to get a jump start on this case by catching, and capturing the license plate, of the vehicle that was used in this incident >> police say according to smith did he not act alone. they believe miles and smith had exchanged word before the shooting. smith right now is facing first degree and attempted murder charges. frightening images in baltimore, maryland 2e ms workers ambushed by a naked man all caught on video. this is alarming footage captured in january, naked man approached two medics standing outside a hospital and then attacked. 1.1 of the women is knocked to the ground, and union officials are now calling for additional protective gear for first responders. >> medics are on the streets of baltimore 24/7. they hardly get a break at all and once in a while they encountered, instant dents that i think they need to have proper protection. >> according to the data tracked by union baltimore city medics have been attacked or assaulted at least 13 times after arriving on the scene of
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the call. the attacks range in severity and in one case medics even were held at gunpoint. well, a break in the large pipe in massachusetts shuts down a street and send water shooting more than 50 feet into the air, this was the scene yesterday, according to the department of public works a screw on the pipe snapped, causing the break, cars were forced to detour around the area until that break was repaired. not too much water, in our region today. >> no. >> not too much rain. >> no. >> no water main breaks today, please. >> exactly. >> here's hoping. >> fingers crossed. >> weather looks great. >> yes. >> it is not as warm as yesterday, we walk outside with the layer but this is april, you expect to walk out the door with a jacket. today you will need to. we are off to a mild start all things together, start off in bethlehem where it is chillier though, you can see ever so, slightly, abe outside hotel bethlehem, and, up here in the christmas city and we will
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expect to see sunshine up here too. this is going toned up being a pleasant day, yes, just not as warm as recent days have been. but with high pressure in place for at lee another day and a half we will see pleasant weather right through the end of the workweek. just additional cloud out there. at the moment it is completely cleared, cross the region as a whole, and then, we will have another system that begins to brew, bringing in line of thunderstorm across central portions of texas and a big batch of rain over wisconsin, northern illinois this will move in for us over the course of the weekend. a larger system that is. but in the meantime enjoy the quiet weather while we have it take a look at what happens here. virtually nothing to speak of say for a couple of cloud moving in with time here, more than anything, you will see some sunshine but it is not as easily warm up, warming up here today, because of the cooler air, and the northwest tell letter wind flow ushering in that cooler air mass throughout the day. again in, to tomorrow there will be a couple of cloud around but this looks like a quiet end of the week. then we will see that next front begin to lift in, warm front, first, cold front,
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sunday, for easter. so in between, those two systems, we will actually, or two front, we will sit in the very warm air and that will really help to us heat up on sunday. but, saturday, late in the night, look at this time stamp 11:00 p.m. late evening in the absolute earliest. we will see showers moving n if you have any kind of plans, anything outside, right now on saturday you should be good. wind speed, right now, not too bad, and they are, however, out of the north, no, know the direction of the arrows here. certainly helping to, get things off to a bit of the cooler start. i am getting rap. i will jump you to the seven day. that is what everybody wants to see, right? looking at upcoming weekend, look at that spike, 80 by sunday, overall really nice weather, it will feel like summer again and then cool it back down for beautiful weather and high of 70 and sunshine on monday, meisha. >> all right, katie, thank you so much for. that good morning, everyone, happy thursday, we're looking outside at the vine, it has been a busy morning in terms of the we have had some accidents earlier this morning a lot of which have cleared. we have one withstanding out there and a lot of
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construction. quick peak at the vine we are moving westbound, eastbound we are looking g we are looking just as we want to see right now in the morning. trying to see the same story here schuylkill taillights moving in the eastbound direction. headlights moving in the westbound direction here. thinks past girard. we are getting movement. pick up levels a little bit but overall we're still looking good on the schuylkill 's well. then we will peak at 95 what we are looking at southbound at academy and we're building levels there as well, but again, we can expect that we will only see it, heat up more , but i have to say even in the 6:00 o'clock hour yesterday, starting to build and then it tapers off and remain that way, so it will turnout to be a pretty good traveling day. this is seeming to be the story so far, thursday, so far , and so far so good in terms of the cameras that we were just looking at it. we have this accident here where a vehicle went in the house, trang do is actually live on the scene. we will have more information, coming from her but just in terms of the road around it, head up north broad street at cheltenham avenue in east oak lane right now, it will slow
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you down. we will start to get neighborhood gaper delay. it is out there frank does out there we will talk to her more coming up later, rahel, over to you. all right, meisha, thank you. now for newspaper headlines across our region. >> bucks county courier time pharmacy benefits company express scripts will shut down bensalem prescription processing office next month. a month that will eliminate 218 jobs. office located on street road will close may 26th. company says changes are made to increased automation and streamlined processing. from the times herald, 10 municipalities in montgomery county adopted ordinances prohibiting discrimination on the bases of sexual orientation and gender identity but for now reply mutt township will not be one of them. proposed ordinance prohibiting discrimination was amended. at this weeks council meeting, township council will revisit the issue next month. from the burlington county times, burlington county jail is getting upgrade.
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freehold's proved, $434,000 in improvements, to the facility, on grant street. the upgrade include a new roof , improvements to the showers and heating ventilation, and air conditioning system. that is a look at newspaper headlines from around the delaware valley. and final resting place of one of the philadelphia's favorite founding fathers is getting a make over. cruits worked yesterday to repair the grave of the ben franklin at christ church burial ground in old sit. philadelphia eagles, university of pennsylvania, and rock storm john bon jovi among donors who raised more than $80,000 for work. the repair should be done by even of the month. sixers season is a wrap. >> it didn't end well for them unfortunately, highlights from their game against the knicks the madison square garden, coming up next in congressman macarthur promised to protect our health care. but when right-wing politicians tried to pass a disastrous health care repeal bill that raises costs and cuts coverage, macarthur wouldn't oppose them. macarthur wouldn't protect us from a bill
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well, rough day for philadelphia sports fans as both phillies and the sixers go down. >> well, here's leslie van arsdal with the morning's sports. >> sixers playing the final game of the season last night against the knicks at madison square gander both teams with nothing to play for except lottery balls in the upcoming draft. big game for justin ander shon came over in the noel trade. he had 26 points. second quarter, splitter, he is showing some range for sixers and this will tie up the game at 43. sixers led by three at the half. then in the fourth quarter sixers holding a small lead, reshawn holmes with the bucket holmes had 15 points. sixers will lose the final game of the season 114-113. phillies and mets last night, everyone loves the fanatic this woman says i just
5:25 am
want my picture. he obliges and having some fun there to the game we will go third inning, phillies down one to nothing. michael will make it two to nothing with that home run. ball flying out of citizens bank park this series. then in the sixth phillies down five to nothing. bases loaded michael franco at the plate. that is a grand slam, his second home run of the season. that pulls the phillies within a run. that is as close as phillies will get. they will lose five-four and they get swept by mets. phillies off today. they start weekend series with the nationals in d.c. on friday. that is all for sports, i'm leslie van arsdal. have a great day. police are trying to calm fears of the community. >> after a child was abducted and sexually assaulted, the promise officers are now making to neighbors. just how much atlantic city casinos were able to pull in last month and one casino that faired the war, katie. as we get closer to the holiday weekend it is not
5:26 am
looking bad at all. we have sunshine throughout your saturday v likely showers that night and very, very warm easter. we will expect to get up to 80 t there will be some showers late in the day especially at night on sunday as well, overall not a bad holiday weekend. stay there we will be right back with more news and of course the rest of your forecast.
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very good thursday morning to you. temperatures are returning to normal after a taste of summer wasn't that nice? how warm will it be? will your easter egg weather forecast in just a few moments good morning i'm rahel solomon. i'm jim donovan. first here's what you need to know to start your day in the morning minute. no one, no one should be worried about their child like that. >> community gathers for answers after a young girl is kidnaped, and sexually assaulted. how about that here's. >> wow. >> rolling tribute and show of support for a fellow veteran and victim of the home invasion in bustleton. >> we have your back at home. we will show people, we are here for them.
5:30 am
the ceo of united airlines sneaks out about the controversial removal of the passenger, from his flight. >> this can never, and will never happen gannon a united airlines flight. >> we will hear from relatives and lawyers of that passenger, doctor david doa today. >> studio 54. >> hollywood remembers actor and comedian charlie murphy, older brother of eddie murphy. >> i'm looking around to see who is there and then i heard someone say, my bad. >> the 57 year-old was men for his role on the chapel show. charlie murphy was credited with writing two of his brother eddie murphy's films, norbit and vampire in brooklyn. >> i watched an old movie last week on charlie murphy, the player's club. have you ever seen that. >> no. >> netflix. >> no. >> okay. >> i'll explain it to you later. >> we will check with katie, stepping outside the door she has got your forecast and it has been a great week of weather so f


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